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Past Exhibitions

Bill Vazan, <i>Holding the Globe</i> (from the <i>Land Work Series</i>, 1966−1979), 1971−1974
19.11.2016 to 30.04.2017

For time is the longest distance between two places

Pictures for an Exhibition

Pictures for an Exhibition is an evolving cycle of exhibitions based on works from the collection and intended to generate […]

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Njideka Akunyili Crosby, <em>Thread</em>, 2012
20.10.2016 to 15.01.2017

La Biennale de Montréal 2016

The Grand Balcony

Summary Le Grand Balcon [The Grand Balcony], the 2016 edition of La Biennale de Montréal, explores an unusual question: is […]

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Jean-Pierre Gauthier <em>Orchestre à géométrie variable</em>, 2013-2014
19.10.2016 to 30.10.2016

Jean-Pierre Gauthier

Orchestre à géométrie variable, 2013-2014

“The materials guide me to the solutions.” Jean-Pierre Gauthier is a multidisciplinary artist who, for more than twenty years, has […]

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Liz Magor, <i>Carton II</i>, 2006
22.06.2016 to 05.09.2016

Liz Magor


Liz Magor is one of the most important Canadian artists of her generation and certainly its most influential sculptor of […]

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Ryan Trecartin, Still from <i>CENTER JENNY</i>, 2013
22.06.2016 to 05.09.2016

Lizzie Fitch/Ryan Trecartin

Priority Innfield

Since meeting in 2000, Lizzie Fitch and Ryan Trecartin have established an expansive collaborative practice that includes video, sculpture, sound […]

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Edmund Alleyn, <i>Mondrian au coucher</i>, 1973 – 1974
19.05.2016 to 25.09.2016

Edmund Alleyn

In my studio, I am many

Showcasing close to a fifty works-paintings, drawings, films and technological pieces-this retrospective exhibition take a look at Edmund Alleyn’s output from the late 1950s until the early 2000s.

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Jean-Pierre Gauthier, <i>Orchestre à géométrie variable</i>, 2013-2014
19.05.2016 to 17.10.2016

Jean-Pierre Gauthier and Ryoji Ikeda


Two recent acquisitions offer two different perspectives on music and other kinds of visual orchestration. These installations are the work […]

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Ryan Gander, <i>Magnus Opus</i>, 2013
03.03.2016 to 22.05.2016

Ryan Gander

Make every show like it’s your last

Ryan Gander is one of Britain’s most prolific and engaging artists. He lives and works in London and Suffolk from […]

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Ragnar Kjartansson, The Visitors, 2012 (Stills)
11.02.2016 to 22.05.2016

Ragnar Kjartansson

Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson combines performance, music and video in works that probe the tragic and comic sides of human existence. In his first major Canadian exhibition, featuring four important pieces, viewers will discover a spectacular universe tinged with both melancholy and humour.

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Camille Henrot, <i>Grosse Fatigue</i>, 2009
17.10.2015 to 10.01.2016

Camille Henrot

Grosse Fatigue, a 13-min video installation produced during a residency at the Smithsonian Institute, was inspired by the encyclopaedia concept. The artist undertook to form a narrative about the universe by mixing scientific history with Creation stories belonging to various traditions and cultures.

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