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Upcoming Exhibitions

Camille Henrot, <i>Grosse fatigue</i>, 2013
17.10.2015 to 10.01.2016

Camille Henrot

Summary Grosse Fatigue, a 13-min video installation, was produced during a residency at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. Inspired […]

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Dana Schutz, <i>Swimming, Smoking, Crying</i>, 2009
17.10.2015 to 10.01.2016

Dana Schutz

Summary The MAC is mounting an original exhibition that will offer an overview of the work of New York artist […]

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Patrick Bernatchez, <i>Lost in Time</i>, 2014
17.10.2015 to 10.01.2016

Patrick Bernatchez

Les temps inachevés

Summary The exhibition presents a significant body of works taken from two major projects: Chrysalids (2006-2013) and Lost in Time […]

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Edmund Alleyn, <i>Mondrian au coucher</i>, 1973 – 1974
12.05.2016 to 25.09.2016

Edmund Alleyn

Summary Showcasing close to a fifty works-paintings, drawings, films and technological pieces-this retrospective exhibition will take a look at Edmund Alleyn’s […]

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