The Musée complies with the standards set by Kéroul, the Québec organization that provides information for people with limited physical ability and lobbies on their behalf.

The museum building (including exhibition galleries, elevators and restrooms) is accessible and adapted to the needs of people in wheelchairs. As well, a number of wheelchairs are available (free of charge) for use by visitors. Lightweight, portable stools for visitors’ use are also available at the ticket counter.

A wheelchair-accessible entrance is located next to the museum’s main entrance at 185 Sainte-Catherine. To enter through this locked door, simply press the interphone button to speak to the museum’s security personnel.

Parking for people with reduced mobility

Parking spaces for people with reduced mobility are available at Place des Arts. To use these spaces, you must contact Place des Arts security personnel to obtain help getting from the parking garage to Sainte-Catherine Street. You can then enter the museum through the reserved entrance.

Municipal parking spaces with adapted parking meters, as well as reserved parking spaces, are also available in several locations in the borough of Ville-Marie. For more information, visit the Stationnement de Montréal website.