To find out what exhibitions are on at the Musée, wherever you are, mobile apps are available.

Art actuel centre ville

The essential tool for locating downtown Montréal’s contemporary art presentation, research and production venues. Find out what’s on and when. Map out your own itinerary based on your interests and the time you have available. As a bonus, explore the augmented reality module and access a wealth of historical information about the city’s cultural sites and monuments.

Free app.

Available for iPhone and Android

Montreal Museums

38 Montréal museums at your fingertips

Explore Montréal’s museum culture like never before. Art, architecture, history, science and culture, it’s all there. Just let us guide you: nearby museums, current exhibitions, masterpieces, routes, see the city in a whole new light.

With an attractive, practical interface, Montreal Museums gives you a glimpse of exhibitions through words and images to help you make a more informed choice.

Free app.

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ArtForum artguide

artguide is an exclusive feature of that lists current events and exhibitions taking place in galleries and museums, and at art fairs, auctions, and biennials in more than 500 cities. Show dates and information are updated by each artguide participant, providing the most accurate listings available online.


Available for Iphone