The Collectors Symposium, presented by National Bank Private Wealth 1859, was established so that participants could share in the experience of sitting on an art acquisition committee. This unique evening, which is much appreciated by art lovers and collectors, also offers those less familiar with contemporary art a chance to discover current works and the important role they play within a museum collection.

In the last huit years, this event that ties in closely with the mission of both the Foundation and the museum, has allowed major works to be added to the Musée Collection. The proceeds it generates, thanks in no small part to the generous participation of National Bank, have enabled the museum to acquire pieces by Etienne Zack, Dil Hildebrand, Valérie Blass, Ed Pien, Adrian Paci, Pierre Dorion, Michel de Broin, Nicolas Baier and Hito Steyerl among others.

Collectors Symposium 2014

National Bank Private Wealth 1859

Committee: Barbara Baudinet, Josée Bélisle, Éric Bujold, Isabèle Chevalier, Julie Couture, Pascal de Guise, François Dufresne, Line Gagné, Eva Hartling, Danièle Patenaude, John Zeppetelli

In the spirit of a museum’s art acquisition committee, the eighth Collectors Symposium, generously sponsored by National Bank Private Wealth 1859, was held, quite unusually, in the exhibition galleries of the Biennale de Montréal, on Tuesday, November 4.

Co-chaired by Julie Couture and Pascal de Guise, this fundraising event for the Musée Foundation brought together some sixty guests who were invited to take part in selecting the next work that will enrich the Musée Collection.

The Curator of the Collection, Josée Bélisle, and MAC curators Lesley Johnstone and Mark Lanctôt presented three outstanding works featured in the Biennale de Montréal: Fatigues, 2014, by Abbas Akhavan; Liquidity Inc., 2014, by Hito Steyerl; and The Prophets, 2013, by Richard Ibghy and Marilou Lemmens.

Following their deliberations, our guests selected the video installation by Hito Steyerl, Liquidity Inc. Born in Munich in 1966, the artist lives and works in Berlin. Using water as a metaphor, Steyerl sets up a large, curved structure, a sort of enveloping wave, covered with blue exercise mats like those found in martial arts studios. She tells the story of financial advisor Jacob Wood, born in Vietnam, orphaned by the war and then brought to the United States under President Gerald Ford’s Operation Babylift. Wood lost everything in the crisis of 2008. He then embarked on a new career in martial arts. Water plays a central role in this remarkable story, in large part because of the words of Bruce Lee, who explains that to succeed in martial arts, you must “be water.”

The Foundation wishes to thank Birks Group for its invaluable participation.

Collectors Symposium 2013

Collectors Symposium 2012

Presented by National Bank Private Wealth 1859
October 18, 2012
Honorary Chair: Lillian Mauer
Chair: Dr. Diane Vachon
Works acquired: Dead Star, 2008, Cut Into the Dark, 2010 and Drunken Brawl, 2011 by Michel de Broin


Collectors Symposium 2011

Collectors Symposium 2010

Collectors Symposium 2009

Presented by National Bank Financial Group
November 12, 2009
Honorary Chair: Dr. Diane Vachon
Chair: Jean-Claude Baudinet
Work acquired: Remembering the Past, Present and Future, 2008, by Ed Pien

Collectors Symposium 2008

Presented by National Bank Financial Group
November 6, 2008
Honorary Chair: Niky Papachristidis
Chair: Dr. Diane Vachon
Work acquired: Intérieur (fenêtre), 2008, by Pierre Dorion

Collectors Symposium 2007