Les Printemps du MAC Committee is dedicated to introducing the MAC to a new generation of leaders. It has a dual mission: firstly, to raise awareness of both contemporary art among this group, and the important role the MAC plays in preserving and promoting this heritage across Quebec, Canada and at the international level. Secondly, it aims to encourage support for the continued development of the MAC.

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Les Printemps du MAC 2017: JANGALA

Welcome to Jangala: a tropical jungle where nature and technology come together.

On April 21, discover a new and original MAC, the scene of a mighty battle between the primeval and the futuristic, the physical and the rational. Plunge into a mysterious jungle where anything goes.

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Honorary Chair
Elaine Barsalou (National Bank Financial)

Alexandra Mohsen (National Bank) and Stefanie Stergiotis (Stingray)

Alexandra De Roy (SNC Lavalin), Ariane Bisaillon (Blakes), Bisma Ansari (Mega Brands), Catherine Plourde (De Granpré Joli-Cœur), Effie Giannou (EGS Group), Geneviève Sharp (EGS Group), Luana Ann Church (Québecor Média), Lysandre Laferrière (Gowling WLG), Marie-Élaine Tremblay (MET Avocats Inc.), Marie-Ève Gingras (Torys), Marie-Josée Therrien (BDC), Marion-Isabelle Muszynski (Valtech), Maude N. Béland (UQÀM), Robert Alexander Quinn (Bright Future), Shady Ahmad (Budge Studio), Virginie Bourgeois (Danone Waters)


Les Printemps du Mac 2016: NÉO

For its 10th edition, the Printemps du MAC will celebrate its renaissance. A renaissance implies something new, but also something already established, because anything that is reborn has already lived. Néo celebrates this contradiction. Through the duality of Ragnar Kjartansson and the eclectic nature of Ryan Gander, welcome the equinox with us by embracing the paradox.


Honorary President
Justin Méthot (Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec)

Eleonore Derome (Blakes) and Geneviève Provost (Deloitte)

Alexandra Mohsen (Banque Nationale), Anca Sirbu (Air Canada), Ariane Bisaillon (Blakes), François Bujold (Pharmascience), Geneviève Sharp (Groupe Aldo), Jelena Neylan (Banque Laurentienne, TEDxMontreal), Luana Ann Church (Québecor Média), Maria Antonopoulos (Groupe Antonopoulos), Marie-Élaine Tremblay (MET Avocats), Marie-Ève Gingras (Torys), Maude N. Béland (UQAM), Nicolas Rubbo (McCarthy Tétrault), Stéfanie Stergiotis (DentsuBos)

Les Printemps du MAC 2015: META

Le Printemps du MAC 2014: OCTO

The 2014 edition of Les Printemps du MAC was held on Friday, April 11, 2014.

2014 Committee : Anna Antonopoulos, Maria Antonopoulos, François Beaudry, Audrey Barbeau, Christine Boivin (co-présidente), Isabelle Brosseau, Simon du Tremblay, Ingrid Enriques-Donissaint, Antoine Ertaskiran, Lili Fortin, Eva Hartling (co-présidente), Dominic Keyserlingk, Nicolas Marullo, Sébastien Moise, Alexandra Mohsen, Hugo Thibault.


Les Printemps du MAC 2013: Vertige

The last evening organized by Les Printemps du MAC was on April 19, 2013.

2013 Committee: Christine Boivin (Co-Chair), Eva Hartling (Co-Chair), Anna Antonopoulos, Maria Antonopoulos,  Audrey Barbeau, François Beaudry, Isabelle Brosseau, Antoine Chagnon, Pascal de Guise, Simon du Tremblay, Ingrid Enriques-Donissaint, Antoine Ertaskiran, Lili Fortin, Dominic Keyserlingk, Nicolas Marullo, Aziz Moussallier, Sébastien Moise, Hugo Thibault.

Les Printemps du MAC 2012: Manipulations

The last Les Printemps du MAC evening was held on April 20, 2012.

The organizing committee included Anna Antonopoulos, Audrey Barbeau, Yanick Blanchard, Christine Boivin (Chair), Valérie Boyer, Antoine Chagnon, Olivier Coustaing, Pascal de Guise, Allison Dent, Antoine Ertaskiran, Eva Hartling, Mélanie Joly, Dominique Keyserlink, Catherine Malouin, Louis-Simon Ménard, Sebastien Moise, Danièle Patenaude, Hugo Thibault and Constance Venne.

Les Printemps du MAC 2011: Out of Frame

On April 15, 2011, Les Printemps du MAC held its benefit evening, called OUT OF FRAME. The goal of the event was to raise the MAC’s profile among the next generation and interest young businesspeople in today’s art and the artistic endeavour.

Co-chaired in outstanding fashion, for the second year in a row, by Anna Antonopoulos (Groupe Antonopoulos) and Pascal de Guise (BCF), the evening was a great success, with more than 850 people in attendance and record proceeds for the Foundation.

The organizing committee also included Emmanuel Amar (IDX Design), Roberto Bellini (Bellus Health Inc.), Christine Boivin (Cohn & Wolfe), Marie-Josée Cantin (Vision Globale), Allison Dent (Global M&A Inc.), Antoine Ertaskiran (Berensen Art), Eva Hartling (Birks & Mayors), Karine Joizil (Fasken Martineau), Mélanie Joly (Cohn & Wolfe), Catherine Malouin (Ernst & Young), Louis-Simon Ménard (Digital Dimension), Ranya Nasri (Nasri International), Gilles Ostiguy (Bos), Serge Pointet (LAPROD), Antony Rizzuto (Métrocom s.e.c.) and Hugo Thibault (Yellow Pages Group).

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