Director’s Office

  • Director and Chief Curator
    John Zeppetelli
  • Principal Secretary
    Patricia DaPozzo
  • Department Secretary
    Nancy Da Silva Gualdino

Art and Education


  • Artistic Director and Chief Curator
    John Zeppetelli
  • Secretary
    Hélène Cantin
  • Curator and Head of Exhibitions and Education
    Lesley Johnstone
  • Curator of the Collection
    Marie-Eve Beaupré
  • Curator
    Mark Lanctôt
  • Associate Curator
  • Curatorial Assistant
    Marjolaine Labelle
  • Head of Donations
  • Head of Travelling Exhibitions
    Emeren Garcia
  • Head of Multimedia Events
    Louise Simard
  • Head of Publications
    Chantal Charbonneau
  • Cultural Activities Co-ordinator
    (Digital Culture Plan)
    Julie Bélisle


  • Conservator
    Marie-Chantale Poisson
  • Applied Arts and Graphics Technician 
    Serge Collin

Collections and Information Resources

  • Collections and Information Resources Manager
    Anne-Marie Zeppetelli
  • Transportation Technician
    Caroline Côté
  • Acquisitions and Loans Technician
    Lucie Rivest
  • Exhibition and Visual Documentation Technician
    Véronique Malouin
  • Assistant Manager, Information Resources
    Martine Perreault
  • Library Technicians
    Ginette Bujold
  • Clerk (flood)
    Karine Comptier
  • Coordinator, Collections Data Management
    (Digital Culture Plan)
    Cindy Veilleux
  • Research Assistant
    (Digital Culture Plan)
    Stéphanny Boucher
    Camille Lanthier
    Wendy Thomas
  • Audiovisual Technician
    (Digital Culture Plan)
    Alexandre Perreault

Workshops and Tours

  • Head of Tours
    Sylvie Pelletier
  • Information Technicians (Tours)
    Véronique Lefebvre
    Tracy Grosvenor
  • Head of Art Workshops (Creative Arts)
    Luc Guillemette
  • Information Technicians (Educational Activities)
    Maxime Lefrançois
    Geneviève Nobert
  • Secretary
    Manon Guérin

Communications, Marketing and Foundation

  • Director, Communications, Marketing and Foundation
    Anne-Marie Barnard
  • Head of Public Relations
    Steven Ross
  • Head of Digital Dissemination
    Valérie Sirard
  • Head of Promotions
    Sarah Rochefort
  • Communications Technician
    Sabina Rak

Visitor Services

  • Visitor Services Assistants
    Pierre Alvarez – Coordinator
    Marielle Alvarez
    Jeanne Gagné
    Joyce Ouimet


  • Assistant Director
    Danièle Patenaude
  • Coordinator
    Naila Del Cid
  • Coordinator
    Marie Samuel Levasseur
  • Administrative Assistant
    Nancy Lemieux
  • Boutique
    Claudine Blais
    Frédéric Lago


  • Director of Operations
    Yves Théoret
  • Director of Financial and Material Resources
    Richard Bellerose
  • Head of Financial and Material Resources
    Suzanne Gagnon
  • Senior Financial Resources Technician
    Chantal Duchesne
  • Financial Resources Technicians
    Pélagie Yapi
  • Clerk
    Marie-Pier Barbin Guay

Human Resources

  • Director of Human Resources
    Monique Bernier
  • Human Resources Technician
    Camille Roy
  • Payroll and Benefits Technician
    Ginette Lemaire

Information Technology Services

  • Senior Information Technology Technician
    Eric Catala Desrosiers
  • Information Technology Technician
    Sébastien Joyeux

Technical Services

  • Head of Technical Services
    Carl Solari
  • Technical Services Assistant
    Gabriel Lalonde Savage
  • Audiovisual Technicians
    Denis Labelle
    Michel Pétrin